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United Powerball League

United Powerball League is a 501(c)3 nonprofit sports organization. Our mission is to reintroduce and formalize the sport of Handball. UPL was created in 2016 to teach the fundamentals of the sport through international grassroots programs and Powerball tournaments.


Team Handball was first introduced on a grass field at the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. It is a fast paced, semi- contact sport producing Olympic level athleticism and entertainment. Handball includes elements and skills associated with other sports, like soccer, football, and basketball. Team Handball is recognized by millions of people throughout the word today. The sport is generally played on a handball court, or on sand in a variation known as Beach Handball. Powerball is the resurgence of Field Handball. 

UPL Properties, LLC

UPL Properties LLC was founded in 2016 to hold the intellectual properties of the league, and manage license agreements related to UPL. We are dedicated to the growth and redevelop the sport of Team Handball at taking the game from the grassroots to the big leagues. Our goal is to add value to the game by creating new experiences for sports fans. 

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Powerball Field

Powerball Field

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Powerball Field
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