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The Powerball Field

The playing field is a 200ft long x 85ft wide rectangle with a 3-zone and a goal area at each baseline.

The 3-Zone is a semi-circular line 27ft in front of the goal. Up to 3 players from each team can enter the 3-Zone at any time. The 3-Zone creates a chance for 3- on-3 situations with defenders and attackers. The circle around the goal is called the goal area. It is 18ft in diameter with the goal sitting in the direct center at 9ft. The goal area is only occupied by the goalkeeper and the player with the ball. Throw-ins are made from the goal area to start the game.

* (The dimensions are the same as a typical Hockey rink. The size of the field can be modified to fit the space available for your game. Powerball can be played on a Handball court using the goal area as the 3-Zone, and on a Basketball court using the inside of the 3-point line for the 3-Zone.)

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