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UPL Properties LLC was created in 2016 to hold the intellectual properties related to the United Powerball League, including the licensing and copywrites of UPL clubs.


The goal is to build a brand for one of the greatest sports that many people have yet to experience. Team Handball has always had potential for major international recognition, and UPL is the game changer that handball needs. The UPL NFT project is a new play in the sports world and a unique approach to sports management. Team owners and managing members have the opportunity to leverage the value of their assets through licensing and merchandise. This also gives fans and players an early opportunity to have potential licensing rights of their favorite team as UPL develops grassroots programs that actively advance the fundamentals of the sport to the public. Each UPL team represents a powerful community that transcends the limitations of the digital identity and the city they are named after. The majority of spectators who are new to the game are introduced to the sport by watching the Olympics, which come around every 4 years. The existing handball community deserves a league with the capacity to facilitate internationally recognized games on a seasonal basis. United Powerball League is an organization that is dedicated on the growth of handball and taking the game from the grassroots to the big leagues.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital assets, such as images, contracts, or intellectually property that is authenticated on a public ledger called the blockchain. Data on the blockchain is proof of authentication of a NFT. Non-Fungible Tokens are not only a digital collection of unique items, it is also a decentralized investment for the NFT holder.


UPL NFT exceeds the blockchain. As the world of sports is adjusting to a more digital experience, the use of blockchain technology is an assist to the development of the league. Each UPL NFT on the virtual blockchain represents real ownership and licensing rights in the league. UPL is committed to achieving “blue chip” status for early supporters who find long term value in UPL.

Damon L. Mitchell

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